Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snoring Remedies - Does Popularity Mean Quality ?

Nowadays millions of people try to deal with their sleep disorders, particularly the most wide-spread of them – snoring to get a proper night rest. There are so many snoring remedies available on market that you can not be blamed because of being confused. I will try to help you to identify the snoring remedy which fits your needs best. However at first you should know what exactly causes snoring.

When you sleep your body relaxes and your muscles get loosened. Your jaw and throat muscles are no exceptions. As your jaw collapses your throat gets narrower and the tissues of your soft palate start vibrating as you sleep. This vibration leads to the snoring sound.

There are many stop snoring remedies that can make your snoring passages be fully open even when you sleep, but their effect lasts only for limited time (several hours usually) and they are not effective in dealing with the cause of snoring.

CPAP machines have well proved to be the most effective sleep apnea and snoring solutions, but they are extremely expensive and beside it they are quite uncomfortable for some of its consumers they even appeared to be unbearably claustrophobic. CPAP device is a machine creating air flow that keeps your throat from collapsing during sleep. This machine is attached to a face mask by a hose and you have to wear that face mask while sleeping.
The most popular stop snoring solutions are snoring nasal strips. They are designed so that they open your nasal passages more than you normally do. So you will have no need to breathe through your mouth while sleeping and you will stop snoring. However snoring nasal strips have worked for 60-65% of cases.
Another popular snoring remedies are snoring mouthpieces. Most of them are adjustable – kind of one size fits all. This mouthpieces can help you stop snoring by keeping the position of your jaw unchanged. So that your jaw does not collapse and air passages are left without any kind of obstructions.

There exist other kind of jaw supporters as well. Most popular of them are snoring chin straps, which are designed just to keep your mouth closed while you wear them. They can quite effectively make you stop snoring, but they create more discomfort, than snoring mouthpieces or nasal strips.

One of the most popular snoring remedies is anti snoring pillow. These are pillows which have special design. The middle part of them is lower than the edge parts. So that when you position your head in the middle of the pillow your head, neck and the rest of your body is aligned almost in a line. This helps in keeping your air passages without any kind of obstructions.